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Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Subject:red robin gourmet eyeglasses
Time:7:05 pm.
I am on the phone with Red Robin because I may have left my eyeglasses there. You'll notice in my last pic with Alex I am not wearing them.. making me suspect they were at the restaurant. I often take off my glasses if I sit down to eat. I'm not sure why.

They have a pair! It's probably mine!!

Yay! I just got these glasses this summer. I donated all my old frames when I moved (a few weeks ago) so the only pair I have are my prescription sunnies.. which I have been carrying around just in case. Maybe my eyes will be less dry if they are more blocked from the wind and cold..

but I think they are really dry because of all this lack of sleep and new tasks and schedule and fluorescent lighting and I might be getting sick, it's catching up to me. Also this house has smokers and lots of dust- my last house not so much. At all.

Oh well! I'm so grateful to be up here though. I still heart my job three days in. My boss was still nice to me and understanding about me feeling a little tired and sick. I still got tons of things done and finished a half hour early with really nothing left to do. Nothing!
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Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Time:1:13 am.
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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Subject:I miss slumber parties.
Time:11:43 pm.
I want to go back to when everything was simple and they all had cooties.
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Monday, December 14th, 2009

Subject:packing update
Time:10:10 pm.
One whole day passed.


one isn't even going to be taped permanently.


This is taking forever.
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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Time:12:02 am.
This season, I’m thinking, sunshine and bright lights at night, early night, I'm thinking of a change of clothes, I'm thinking of a change of venue, I'm thinking three winters in a row, I’m thinking of acting like I'm more than I am, I’m thinking of changing my flight, forwarding my luggage, let's go to the coast, I’m thinking of him flying down here, I’m thinking of flying out there, move to the next place, the next dream, the next dive bar, I’m thinking all the good ones are taken, I’m thinking when did that ever stop you, I'm thinking SFO and LAX and IAD and BWI and SeaTac and waking up in Madrid, I’m thinking about dying my hair, I’m thinking about changing my look, whatever that is, I’m thinking of the Chinatown bus, it hasn't flipped over yet with me on it, I’m thinking about the graffiti on the walls of the Septa station stairs, I'm thinking I know who did it, touch it every time I pass by, I’m thinking when will I pass by him next, I'm thinking of girls, I'm thinking of hot sweaty jungles, forgotten and alone, everything cools down at night, I’m thinking nightgowns, I'm thinking about a new dress, this could be my last silly school formal, I’m thinking of details for graduation, let's ignore the big picture, I’m thinking of the night club scene that I don't know, I’m thinking of getting that ring custom made, I’m thinking of getting those dresses custom made, scoring free jeans with stretch from the pile, I'm thinking that justifies a Velvet Burger burger, I’m thinking I own this town, I’m thinking I can show you around it, I’m thinking I've never been here before, I’m thinking bespoke, I'm thinking fashion for someone else, someday costs, I'm thinking let's climb that and that, move to the country, high rise condominium, I'm thinking of the stores on Thanon Lad Phrao, on Walnut, on Princes, I'm thinking of the smile of the daddy cat in the long wool coat, I'm thinking of gold diggers for silver foxes, I'm thinking caffeine and breeding, I’m thinking this town isn’t big enough for the both of us, I’m thinking next week I leave, don't come round anymore, I’m thinking Don't Go Back To Rockville, I’m thinking how to avoid being lonely, I’m thinking about game, I’m thinking about changing the game I've been playing, who's going to keep me warm, I’m thinking about suggestions of Thirtsy Thursday and Topless Tuesday, I’m thinking of pool parties, I’m thinking I want to write about it, I’m thinking of a quick trip back to Vegas, I’m thinking about meeting him in the city again, heavy coats, kisses, I’m thinking swing jazz and celtic sounds, I’m thinking let's move to the next place, this is dead, I'm thinking the same bar tomorrow, I'll never see you again, I’m thinking I need to read, I'm thinking I'll see that beanpole at the gala, I met someone from there too, I'm from there too, I'm thinking I'll leave with someone else, I’m thinking about hitting the mountain, I'm thinking of blowing money, on memories or pictures, fitting and fly, I'm thinking of shredding, I’m thinking of blondes, I’m thinking about the skinny kid with no sleeves, telling me I know strangers, sleeping in my bed, I’m thinking about how I told him I wasn't going to lead him on, and by doing so may have lead him on, I’m thinking of going all in, I'm thinking have one foot out the door, I’m thinking about hitting the range, Berrettas and Glocks, head on chest in bed, I'm thinking I've come a long way, and that makes me less scared for the future, I’m thinking I don't deserve this, I’m thinking I mean something, doesn't that mean something
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Monday, November 9th, 2009

Subject:Personal anecdote on shipping
Time:1:29 pm.
I was just wondering why that might be. I'm studying abroad in NZ right now and earlier in the year I needed a snowboarding coat. I had my eye on a specific one by Roxy, the one designed by Torah Bright (an Australian snowboarder on the Roxy team). Because it's got a name attached to it I knew it would be more expensive than some plain jane perfectly workable coat, but hey, it was *pretty* !
In the one store in Dunedin that I found the coat in, it was retailing for over NZ$450 (so maybe closer to US$350-400). In some shops in Queenstown, it was a similar price (though, oddly, didn't come out for a few weeks- I say oddly because you think Queenstown, being a big destination for skiers/boarders/tourists with money, they'd be the first on the trends and first to get supplied by the companies). I go online just look at specs and I found it through a US retailer for US$145 (around NZ$180). However, they do international shipping but they can't ship my Roxy coat to NZ- none of the limited edition Roxy, anyways. They didn't ship Burton, and a couple other lines, I remember. I ended up shipping the coat to my house in Maryland (free shipping withing the US including alaska and hawaii) and then having them send it down- though i had to wait an extra week and a half, the shipping was less then US $20.

I figured this was because: Roxy is an Australian company, so they can charge more in their home area?
or, because Torah Bright is more known here than in the US, they can mark it up? Because it's still likely to sell (I've seen about five women with my coat, and I know they probably mainly bought it for the looks/name as well- it's only a 10k waterproof coat, it's not that crazy amazing), while in the US it'd be harder to sell it- as opposed to, maybe, a coat by Shaun White, from California. well, Shaun white pretty much blows everyone out of the water internationally, maybe he's a bad example, haha.
But if the US retailer did ship the coat in it's cheaper price to NZ, Roxy would be losing money- if you can get away with selling it for over $400 dollars in NZ you might as well, but if in the US it will only sell at less than $200 then you'll take what you can get.

I was thinking about this because I was on Ravelry following a forum topic about international shipping. I don't really know enough about trade agreements between NZ and the US, I do know that there is a free trade agreement between the US and Australia but I can't really say much on it.
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Friday, November 6th, 2009

Subject:someone else's life lessons
Time:8:29 pm.
from condenasty blog: lacquer

Life Lessons

Today I would like to share three rules for surviving, lady-style, courtesy of my grandmother:

1. Always drink scotch. (Granted, this advice was given on the grounds that scotch tastes bad and so you'll never drink too much and get drunk; I took up this rule as my own at 21 and now love it. Scotch, that is, not the rule. Go figure.)

2. After a big break-up, buy yourself something nice. Really nice. Like a mink. (Except that I don't buy fur, so sometimes I just put on my grandma's mink while I shop for things like handbags.)

3. Never date fewer than five people at once. (This is clearly advice that I have neglected, temporarily at least, but am taking to heart again. It totally helps keep things clear. And fun.)

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Subject:stream of conciousness is just bullet points with out the emphasis
Time:1:09 am.
just thoughts without a gun.

I know I really need to post some damn pictures of damn gorgeous New Zealand or damn cool people I've hung out with or damn fake-artsy shots of shit I think is cool, or the food I make which I am damn proud of,
but that would involve chronological-izing and remembering and giving captions and explanations (not the same thing). I'm not up for that right now; in addition my card isn't being read by my laptop for some reason so I have no recent things to share.

I've found this "sweet as" thing to be silly, but infectious, and will probably add it to the long list of "slang-like terms I use but can't explain, or use in settings/among crowds after which I am not sure were appropriate." In addition, while working on my beloved laptop, I've started to enjoy saying, "Save AS!"

Last night I was awake until four or five in the morning. My flatmate next door woke up around five, and I heard her alarm, which she slept through. She had a morning exam. I have one later today, just after noon (it's 1:10 AM now).
I'm not horribly terribly ill prepared, but I'm not terribly prepared. It's overshadowed by my third and final exam next week (six days???) for which I am much less prepared, and have not been able to dedicate much time to this week. It's my only science exam, and it's in the morning. There are only two grades in this class- this exam and the lab report. I was not satisfied with my work in the lab report, eventually.
It was interesting to realize two days ago that all the things I might turn to for procrastinating were, at the moment, things I was already procrastinating on (or really wanted to put off). examples:
-my essay for the CLC. I keep forgetting it even exists.
- figuring out my flight details: how to get all my shit to the Dunedin airport, followed by - finding out if they can take my checked bag all the way to the east coast for me, so I don't have to haul it into seattle. Not only does my friend there drive a bug; I don't need them, and I don't want to pay any possible cost of being over weight on my domestic flights as I return to Maryland.
- figuring out if I'm part of their frequent flyer system yet, and if I have to actually do anything about it.
- figuring out what to do with my new zealand cell phone
- actually, sorting out all the new zealand crap I have, what I want to take home, etc
- mailing letters
- what to take to cambodia, to MD, to PA, to NV
- getting a storage unit with the good old blond Boy
- figuring out when I'll see the oldest Boy and the Beloved cousins
- figuring out my feelings for this one out-of-state kid, and whether they really make any sense to pursue. He went from throwaway-but-pleasant hookup to short term lover to confidant in some areas; being away has had the tantalizing promise of "coming back." But what does that even mean- now that I actually am coming back, now what? Now we're a hop, a skip, and a domestic plane ride away, but it would still be a relationship formed on skype and the Post Office. Not so bad, but I'm not usually one for long distance relationships- or, heck even short distance relationships, or distance, or even relationships. And I don't think he is either, but he's more than a friend; and I don't think he wants to just give up either. I seem to be going for boys that are just too far away (or soon will be), and I know I've got even more traveling and moving in the near future; he's the only one that sticks out as a new possibility for a more serious and exclusive Someone (meaning a finality, or at least temporary holding, on any and all other Someones). And, as a possibility for heartbreak.
- cleaning my goddamn room, on a less serious note
- redying my hair
- culling clothing
- planning out my finances for the next week AND seattle; knowing that it's a possibility I might run into an unfortunate plane/baggage fee; wondering if I should splurge on velvet burger ( I want to eat there like six more times before I leave, and exam deals are going on). Or splurge even more on a brazillian wax. $50 bucks is actually similar in price to what you might pay in the states, and it doesn't last like, say, buying a piece of clothing- what I imagine most girls do in splurging to make themselves feel better- but I don't have much use for clothes, i really don't feel like shopping. I was mad excited to find a pair of pants in the Toroa take-it-or-leave-it pile that fit me; good stretch, even if there's already a badly patched hole near the crotch and they're a bit too long (I'm not too tall). This means culling out lesser pants from my pile; however, the first pair I think of is tolerably ill-fitting but will probably last a lot longer than these will before they get all thin and hole-y.
- planning out my menu to actually use a good amount of the food I have left in the next week- I'll probably still go out and buy some tomorrow or saturday at the farmer's market- being inside all day long on my bed in front of my computer, I have had mixed feelings on cooking. I want something easy and fast (read: put it on a plate and into the microwave) when I have been sitting for about four hours and am starving. At the same time I want to make ridiculous pumpkin spice ginger cookie coconut cupcakes with artful cream cheese frosting, or something, or even just start the bread, to give me something to do and distract myself with.

Just realized I forgot about knitting circle again (Dunedin Knitters take back the knit!) and I probably won't go next week, my last possible time to do so.

I'm probably not going to go because the Frenchman is coming; he lands around Thursday afternoon (he considered Tuesday; I warned him I'd be attached to books- I suppose the price difference between Tuesday and Thursday evened out yesterday). I've decided a post regarding this is going to be a separate post. To come.

and someday I'm going to settle down or something. and I hope it's with someone I can say that I haven't cheated on, or thought about it, or kind of left them behind when our paths differed slightly. Someday I'm going to meet someone I might actually be willing to make compromises for.
UNTIL THEN, fuck it! Just living the good life. and staying protected, and babyless, and as healthy as I can afford to be? Anyways, I can see myself as either never actually getting married, or having 17 last names.

this is the post where, apparently, being up late and stressed on studying/impending visitors/impending leaving of the country/grades all around/honors status/health insurance/Staph aureus/ETC ETC
means that I share more than I might usually (esp sober), and consider making it friends only, but am not even sure what class of friends my LJ-friends even falls into.
Besides, I haven't written in my more private paper journal in ages, and I don't want to because that pen-callus on my middle finger hurts. I'm not going to write here only in happy tones or put myself forward as something else. if I wanted to, though, I guess I'd start a whole new blog for that. That might be fun!
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Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Subject:Caity's thing, aka procrastinating studying
Time:4:30 pm.
because I'm a bad bad student.

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Friday, October 30th, 2009

Subject:uncommon sense
Time:9:27 pm.
Sometimes it bothers me when people say, Use your common sense. Or, worse, Why didn't you show any common sense?

What makes it common? That everyone knows it? I mean, you weren't born with it. It's not intrinsic sense. You had to learn it from someone, or from screwing something up and learning yourself. Putting metal in the microwave, for example. Common sense? Who magically suddenly knows not to? Hot Pockets come in a foil-y wrapper thing. You put a fork in and it sparks, or your mom tells you not to put that fork in, because it will spark.

What if you've never owned a microwave? What if no one you know has? But you own, I don't know, a rice paddy? I don't know what common sense goes into upkeeping a rice paddy. Probably, don't use the water to cool yourself off, and if you have a cut, that mother's getting INFECTED.
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Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Subject:Tenth Picture
Time:2:40 pm.
I've been spending the last few days indoors, mostly sleeping, because I think I'm getting sick. I did go to the Botanical Gardens to see the Aviary and the Rhododendrons (Azaleas are a type of rhododendron) and to the New World Supermarket. I bought a packet of choco mint slices or something- they are like the Budget brand Thin Mints- and I was going to bring them with us tomorrow but then I ate them all. In a day, basically. Hm. 

Us is Stephanie and I, we are going to do a farmstay near Oamaru. It should be fun and maybe we can see the Moeraki boulders too? They have sheep and daffodil. I was going to ask Steph if sheep eat daffodil but instead I kept thinking, do daffodil eat sheep? That is much more troubling. We were also going to do one by Roxborough (on the way to Queenstown) that is super cool sounding, has a wool mill and processes fleece, but she's doing it... after I leave. Tant pis!

I’ll start with this tag that I saw on Bored & Crafty, a thrifty crafter from the Phillipines. Here are the rules:

1. Open your first photo folder.
2. Scroll down to the 10th photo.
3. Post that photo and story on your blog.
4. Tag five {or more} friends to do the same.

I have a lot of photo folders. The first is  "1. Pictures that are mine" and the first in there is "2006" and the first in there is a date, and the first in there is "foxy island'. The tenth picture was an overexposed shot which was retaken, and the ninth was okay, but those weren't too interesting really so I resized the window and went down the first column. I came to this picture exactly, which was convienent because it's on facebook already, so it's already online:

PHS Fox Island Mud Group

Hm I don't know if either of them worked. This is a group from my senior class in high school that spent a week on Fox Island in the Chesapeake bay. Here we're lollying around in a mud pit.

I don't actually have that many friends on LJ so, I TAG ALL OF YOU!
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Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Subject:On Vegas
Time:7:07 pm.
Looking through Wikipedia etc on things about Nevada and Las Vegas, where we've bought some property:

As seen from space, the Las Vegas metropolitan area is the brightest city on Earth.

The four-mile Las Vegas strip is in the unincorporated communities of Paradise and Winchester (and a little bit of Enterprise).

My spellcheck doesn't believe "Las" is a word. Neither is "spellcheck".

Also in Paradise are the main airport (McCarren International, to which you cannot get a direct flight from Dallas/Ft Worth, apparently- at least not when I looked it up) and UNLV campus. Someone I sort of knew in high school went there. She dyed her hair a plastic-y blonde, did cheerleading (at UNLV too, I think, so that's got some major credibility) and sat near me in one math, and she actually seemed like a relatively nice (if not very deep) person. But I don't remember her name anymore.

Hoover Dam is located 30 miles southeast and created Lake Mead.

I have in fact visited the Hoover dam, and have seen aerial photos documenting the shrinking of Lake Mead in the past two decades due to overuse by the nearby community. This was at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

Las Vegas' gambling revenues have been surpassed by Macau.

I can't remember if I have been to Macau. I think my mother has.

Nellis Air Force base is 13 kilometers, or 7 nautical miles, or just over 8 miles, from the Las Vegas CBD.

City elevation is around 2,030 ft (620 m) above sea level. Comparatively, most of Maryland is less than 500 feet (153 m) above sea level, while Hoye-Crest of Backbone Mountain in Garrett County, is the highest point in Maryland at 3,360 feet above sea level. That's not too far from West Virginia, though.

I've also learned a lot about what I could plant should we choose to have a garden. I would like native/American, at least, plants. Or, at least, ones that have been garden varieties for centuries and aren't new invasives. Star jasmine, maybe? Not even a real jasmine, but they say it smells like it. It's been grown in the States long enough to also be called "Confederate Jasmine", which is sort of unfortunate really. I could make some exceptions. Especially if they're interesting enough that they might actually be taken care of, or something.
I'm also looking into plants that also have uses indoors (so, finding out what plants/parts are edible or poisonous) such as herbs or aloe. An aloe plant is hardy, we have a few growing indoors.
Obviously the heat and water is something to consider, but outside of making common-sense choices for our area, I would have to account for the fact that I would probably be picking out and installing all of these plants. In addition, aside from the occasional watering or misguided care, my mother and brother can't be relied on to take care of it. Partly because they might not be in the house consistently enough, partly because they probably won't bother to actual learn what kind of plants would be there and what kind of care they would need. My mother also has a bad track record with gardens, ranging from flightly interest and letting the front garden become overgrown with weeds- it's as grassy as the lawn, with miraculous hyacinths we planted years ago forcing their way through every spring, I don't think they'll last much longer- to simply terrible decisions, like cutting the low-maintenance azaleas (which can be high maintenance if you want them looking real good, but we didn't bother) in front of the house to expose... painted plaster and brick. Hm.
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Monday, October 19th, 2009

Time:5:42 am.
Sounds like it could be a real subject.

I tend to fall asleep on buses; see also: trains and cars. Planes? Not so much. I think it has something to do with the vibrations, and the fact that I rode a bus to high school that took about an hour every day, back and forth; also nearly every Sunday we drove an hour to Lao School. I'm just used to it now.
My six hour bus ride yesterday, coupled with my rising at around 11 (result of a succession of late nights I may write about soon) AM has probably been a big factor in why at quarter to six AM I am still awake. Also, I am just shit at sleeping. Always have been. Thought it was getting better last year (it was) but I left AU and it seemed to go to bits again. GAH.

The internet only fuels my sporadic, annoying insomnia.

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Just past quarter after six. Well, might as well give it a go.

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Subject:NYT quote
Time:1:01 am.
NY Times Quotation of the day from Saturday, Oct 18th:

"Most conspiracy theorists don’t understand this. But if there really were a C.I.A. plot, no documents would exist."
GERALD POSNER, author of an anti-conspiracy account of the Kennedy assassination, on efforts to obtain C.I.A. documents relating to the assassin.

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Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Subject:Today I...
Time:9:17 pm.
- Had my last lecture here (technically I have one thursday, but am skipping it)
- Started on slippers for Cindy. Bulky yarn held double on 10mm needles- that's around a US 15! They are MASSIVE to me. I learned on 7's (I think an 8-9 is a good size to learn on for most hands, 6-7 is okay, 10 is pushing it but it depends on the knitter) and have gotten used to tiny needles, espesially dpns. My fingers hurt in a different way than I am used to, haha!
- My fingernails are growing out a lot but I'll probably go climbing in wellington so I can say goodbye to that.
- Performed in my concert for Maori108: Waiata: Te Timatanga- Maori Performing arts. it was good. I didn't screw up too bad! I'll find the video as soon as it goes on youtube...
- Baked delicious dense cinnamon chocolate brownies, Through they were very flat (probably because the pan was too big)
- Found out my travel plans might be:

Fly back to the US as planned, with a stop in Seattle. Fly over to MD. Be there for about a day and then fly out to Cambodia with mom and brother (knowing my mom this will probably be the Dulles direct-> Japan flight). Fly back to MD with mom and brother. Possibly stay in MD/PA.. possibly fly out to Vegas for duration of December. Fly back. Go to PA. Settle down. GAH.
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Monday, October 12th, 2009

Subject:glad and sad?
Time:12:07 am.
was bummed about going straight back to the States after exams, unlike most of the other ArcadiaNZ who are staying/going to Australia/etc. - Now I might be missing Thanksgiving to go to Cambodia... not for holiday.
To bury my ancestors.
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Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Subject:3 (or, how I am IRL)
Time:11:27 pm.
Three posts in one day?!?!

But I just realized that I met people who I only had known of and maybe messaged once or twice online IN REAL LIFE.
When they post in their blog about how they are doing this or that with this or that thing they purchased, I KNOW WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE AND CAN IMAGINE IT
and I can hear their writing  IN THEIR VOICE

and in fact they are NOT VERY FAR AWAY RIGHT NOW

it was a strange realization.
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Subject:Weddings (and this graduation party thing)
Time:10:00 pm.
ON the mind. Not that I want to get married so much as I suppose I might enjoy the planning and then have everything go well. And have all the family for a happy occasion.

Interestingly my mother wants to throw me a big old graduation party in Maryland (I go to school near Philadelphia about 3-4 hours away: 3 hours if you're driving with someone like my brother or my friend Simon, closer to 5 hours if you're driving with my mom. I don't drive, though).  She is looking at booking a hotel/ballroom space and everything. I don't want her to blow too much on it, but I know my mom is very classy, so I'm expecting something like her Lao/Asian friend's weddings only calmer and classier. She's got good taste.. and she just wants to plana  big old party. My brother didn't really go to college- well, he's doing his own sort of education thing, not traditional four years like I am- so this is her only time, really. She may also be wondering if either of us are going to get married and if we'll do something fancy : P
So it is more for her, and for her friends, than me- but it's like, it's for her because she wants to throw me a party. Does that make sense? Anyways I've told people I know it may be happening, and that it'll probably be a majority of her friends (I doubt my list will be over 20, not including close/conveniently close family).

She wants to give out little favors we might get made in Thailand/Cambodia/Laos, she's been saying something like little travel jewelry rolls- there's a cloth sausage looking piece that snaps down for your rings, and a zip pocket maybe. I said that might be useless for the guys (they can put their cufflinks in it? They might wear rings?) and she said.. oh well! haha. They could give them to lady-friends in their lives.
I suppose a lot of people give out silly trinkets that are just sentimental knick knacks and that's not really useful for a female or a male. My cousin gave out small candlesticks at his wedding- I still haven't used them, but I've kept them! Someday, right? Another sort-of cousin gave out little bottles of Hennessy. Uh, yeah that's not really my style. I wouldn't even give out baby bottles of Jack since.. I'd be inclined to just keep it all.
She also doesn't want to do anything useless. She's got plenty of that junk from other weddings at the house in Maryland. She's thinking we can embroider the jewelry roll ups with "Claudia Tang Arcadia University Class of 2010" and the date. I think that's really personal and would take up a lot of space, so I'm trying to think of making it smaller somehow. And wouldn't having someone else's name on something you might travel with have the possibility of causing problems? Eh, probably not. How often have you lost a jewelry roll and had to prove it was yours and not someone else's because your name is on it?
I -do- think a little mortarboard cap or diploma roll (since.. they might roll up themselves) could be cute.
Any ideas on other give aways? Esp one for the guys? If they are also cloth that makes the whole embroidery (or maybe we can just stamp it on, that'll be faster) thing easier and ties it together.
- those little packets you can put your tissues in (small, though)
- coasters- People still use coasters, right?  also small.. but they could be in sets of four: one with a mortarboard, one with a roll, one with the AU logo and one with a castle? or one with all that "claudia arcadia 2010" info on it.. of course then what if that one just gets thrown out, haha
- coin purses/ pencil cases/ phone or mp3 player cosies/ a larger zip bag (i travel so much, I have tons of these for everything- make up, hair stuff, medecine, shower stuff, sewing kit.. but would people understand that?)
- um..

I just realized. Sometimes one of the groomsmen is like, the bride's brother (esp if her sisters are in the bridesmaids party I suppose). What if the groom isn't really close to him? It seems in most of the movies I've seen they just buck up and deal. Then again the groom and his groomsmen don't have the traditions the bride and bridesmaids might, and are probably not as involved as the girls. Even in the simple aspect that the bride might need help in getting ready and sharp eyes to make sure she looks right- that the dress, veil, bouquet, stockings, makeup, hair, etc is probably going to be way more complicated than the suit and.. uh.. tie. But if the groom wanted to choose one of the bridesmaids- his sister, maybe?- would that be much less conventional?
not that things have to be conventional..
Then the bridal party. I've got two close friends- one much closer, though, and the other- while we're close- I don't think I'd particularly put in my bridal party (and I don't think she'd be surprised). The first? I think I'd feel strange without her playing a major part, as in much of my life she's given me good directions and advice, remembered important details, and put up with my crap (especially: complaining, freaking out, avoiding responsibility, completely breaking down at public and formal events, and listening to me blather on and on).
The thing is, there aren't as many people i know who are also close to friend #2 and I wouldn't want her to be alone at the reception while the first friend is all busy and involved and at the reserved table.
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Subject:Trying to start
Time:6:14 pm.
I'm going to try posting here a lot more. I have a very large amount, indeed a plethora, of pictures that I have taken here in NZ.. some of them may get posted. The thing is I feel like a lot that will go on here are going to be tiny events- silly every day things- like progress on some knitting or something I've cooked. I have SO MANY PICTURES OF THINGS I HAVE COOKED. And half the time I have made the SAME THING. but it is okay- everythign but one thing was delicious, and even that one was kind of okay.  : )

Now I remember I have a photobucket, too, that I could use. I think I once had success with linking from facebook- I'm going to try that:

From back in July or August when I got very excited about finding real ketchup. When you want ketchup, "tomato sauce" just doesn't cut it. It's so close... but it's soooo far.

Now, though, I have a lot of ketchup to use up!

I just finished knitting a scarf. I mean, literally, I finished the bind off as I was typing above (because I knit while typing, because I am hardcore). it's another branching out from knitty.com. It's for a study abroad buddy, Alexa, who is a big botany geek so the leaves in the pattern will really work for her, plus she has no little fancy frilly scarves. It's knit from Paton's Smoothie (made by Paton's Australia but I'm not sure if there is an US equivalent), DK weight acrylic that feels like cotton,

now I just realized most people might not care about that minutiae? Well you can go on ravelry if you do (I'm "onemoreday" there).

Glad to finally be done since I've got two pressing projects lined up:
- Buy bulky yarn and thick needles and knit Cindy some slippers in the next two days
- Unravel a thrifted/free (Toroa house has a 'take it or leave it" pile - which is going to Samoa soon, actually) sweater vest. It's very soft, fuzzy (hopefully that won't suck for the unraveling) yarn that feels like it might be angora or mohair and wool. I could burn test to find out but I am not too worried. It's boxy, simple construction- I'll post pictures (maybe here, definitely on Ravelry). There is no tag and all the seams are "real" so I get the feeling it is actually handmade. The yarn, if successful, is probably going to become surprise mittens for Diana
- If that doesn't work, buy some yarn and knit mittens for Diana. I could keep trying to recycle yarn but I want to get these done and mailed before I leave NZ- we are doing a care package swap as she is in Japan, and the NZ mailing boxes are pretty!!!

And then there is simon's reluctant hat.. ugh.

I went to "Dunedin knitters take back the knit" on thursday, a bunch of knitters (mostly ladies, mostly older) get together in the link (part of the Information Services building, which includes the Central Library) together for a knitting circle. They were all very friendly, I had met a few on ravelry, they liked the green branching out a lot and they said they would keep me updated if they went to the wool mill in Milton (yes, a mill in milton) and I could come!

Okay so i have this sweater to unravel and this essay to write on how I did something outside of my normal academics that helped me connect to the culture here. I was going to write about dance but it -might- be about knitting??

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Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Subject:Chicken and Blogsticks
Time:11:30 pm.
Today I made breaded chicken for the first time. it was not bad! i have three pieces left. they were breaded in breadcrumbs and dry dry coconut. I was not excited about such dry coconut shred but now I have found a use for it so I am happier. Esp. since they weren't really my breadcrumbs, though I don't know if they are free to the flat..

It did not fill me for as long as I would have liked. It was a combination of two recipes I got off tastykitchen.com, because I didn't have all the ingredients called for in both.

 I learned a lot, like: sour cream mixes funny with eggs, even though the recipe calls for it, it looks funny.
i need to learn to make the breading stick to the chicken better. I do not trust the sour cream and am considering flour as well as less oil in the baking pan.
paying slightly extra for skinless chicken breasts would have saved a lot of effort, as opposed to bone-in thigh,
but I learned that:
instead of slicing at every angle with a wee knife,
warming the chicken a little, like when it's rinsed (you gotta rinse it in coldish water and pat it dry), helps loosen it
and you can just rip most of  the skin an fat off with your hands like a culinary savage
and it's not like I need the leeeeeanest meat.
and then the revelation: SCISSORS!

Pictures, and a long post about why I write here and why I read so many other damn blogs (I mean, sooo many) to come.
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